Swedish Body Massage

Time: 1 Hour - Price: £46.5

Time: 50 minutes - Price £41.5

Time: 30 minutes - Price: £32.5

Time: 20 minutes - Price £25

Excellent for muscular tension this full body massage will help to relieve every day’s stresses and strains. Depending on how you are feeling and how you would like to feel after the treatment you will be given the choice of massage oils to help suit your need.

Back & Shoulder Massage

Time: 30mins - Price: £32.5

Time: 20 mins - Price: £25

Great for tension and tight/stiff shoulders. Massage helps to break down the lactic acid crystals that build up from everyday stresses and strains.

Body Exfoliation Treatment

Removal of dull tired skin and application of body moisturiser.

Time: 20 minutes - Price: £25


Time: 1 hour - Price: £50

A therapeutic massage using a blend of essential oils incorporating the full body, face and scalp. Truly pampering and very relaxing.

Indian Head Massage

Time: 30mins - Price: £32.5

A soothing head massage to balance the mind and body, it eases away any tension built up in the neck, shoulders and scalp. Excellent for sinus problems, headaches and everyday stress and strains.

Hopi Indian Ear Candles

Time: 45mins - Price: £40

This is an ancient treatment that circulates herbally enriched vapours within the external portion of the ear. It's a relaxing, non-evasive treatment which is beneficial for headaches, migraines sinusitis, excessive or compact ear wax and snoring. A soothing face and neck massage is included.





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